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Vitamin D

Vitamin D

1 in 7 U.S. Teens Is Vitamin D Deficient

6-year 50,000IU/Week Vitamin D Well Tolerated

70% of U.S. Children Low in Vitamin D

AMA Announces Vitamin D Deficiency Linked with Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's

AMA Announces Vitamin D Supplements Associated With Lower Mortality Rate

Calcium Plus Vitamin D-3 Reduces Cancer Risk 60%

Chronic Pain Associated With Low Vitamin D

Chronic Pain Associated with Low Vitamin D Level

Experts Recommend Vitamin D 10,000 IU Upper Limit

Extra Vitamin D in Early Childhood Cuts Adult Diabetes Risk

Harvard Researchers Recommend 1000+ IU Vitamin D

High Vitamin D Intake Reduces Breast Cancer Risk By Half

High Vitamin D Level Reduces Breast Cancer Risk 50%

High Vitamin D Levels Associated with 39% Lower Risk of Colon Cancer Death

Increased Vitamin D Protects Against Multiple Sclerosis

Link Between Endometrial Cancer and Vitamin D

Longer Telomeres Associated with Higher Vitamin D Levels

Low Levels of Vitamin D Associated With Depression

Low Vitamin D Level Increases Risk of Kidney Failure 2.6 Times

Low Vitamin D Levels Associated With Cognitive Decline

Low Vitamin D Levels Associated With Death

Low Vitamin D Linked to Preeclampsia

Low Vitamin D May Occur Even With Sun Exposure

Low Vitamin D Projected to Cause Parkinson's Disease

Musculoskeletal Pain Due to Vitamin D Deficiency

Oral Vitamin D May Help Prevent Atopic Dermatitis

Successful Weight Loss with Dieting is Linked to Vitamin D Levels

Three-quarters of Youths with Diabetes Insufficient in Vitamin D

Vitamin D and Other Nutrients Linked to Heart Disease

Vitamin D Associated with Reduced Cardiovascular Risk

Vitamin D Benefits Lung Health

Vitamin D Could Reduce Breast and Colon Cancer 50%

Vitamin D Deficiency Associated With Heart Failure

Vitamin D Deficiency Common in Patients with IBD, Chronic Liver Disease

Vitamin D Deficiency Contributes to Chronic Low Back Pain

Vitamin D Deficiency in Arizona

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Cardiovascular Disease and Death

Vitamin D Helps Treatment-Resistant Asthma

Vitamin D Improves Back Pain in 95% of Patients

Vitamin D Levels are Associated with Survival in Lymphoma Patients

Vitamin D Levels Linked to Asthma Severity

Vitamin D Linked to Reduced Mortality Rate in Chronic Kidney Disease

Vitamin D May Increase Lifespan

Vitamin D May Protect Against Autoimmune Disorders Such as MS

Vitamin D Prevents Infections

Vitamin D Protects Your Heart

Vitamin D Reduces Colon Cancer Risk 50%; Projected to Save 28,000 Lives and $20 Billion Annually

Vitamin D Reduces CRP 23%

Vitamin D Reduces Risk of Type 1 Diabetes

Vitamin D Shows Positive Effect on 89% of RA Patients

Vitamin D Supplements May Lower MS Risk

Vitamin D-3 Prevents Hypertrophy

Vitamin D3 10 Times More Potent than Vitamin D2

Vitamin D3 Could Prevent 600,000 Cancer Cases Annually

Vitamin D3 May Halt Lung Function Decline in Asthma and COPD

Why Low Vitamin D Raises Heart Disease Risks in Diabetics