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Welcome to Rejuvenation Science®, where you can slow down the aging process and live a longer, healthier life. Our strategy is to provide you and your doctor with an integrated, complementary line of nutritional supplements. We offer sophisticated, advanced supplements that are well-researched and clinically shown to provide real, measurable health benefits. Rejuvenation Science® supplements are used by leading physicians, chiropractors, naturopathic physicians, and other health care practitioners.

Invest in your health as if your life depended on it!™

People in their 40’s and 50’s begin to notice the affects of aging. They are noticing the health issues that their parents and friends experience as they live longer lives. Awareness of the opportunities to naturally and proactively enjoy good health throughout life is growing among physicians and patients. To this great group of people (of which we belong) we say: Invest in your health – it may be the best investment you will ever make!

Start with a Robust Multivitamin

We start with Rejuvenation Science Maximum Vitality®, an advanced antioxidant multivitamin, rated in the top 1 percent of multivitamins in the U.S. and Canada. This massive study of 1,600 multivitamins led by researcher Lyle MacWilliam was published in the 2007 edition of Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. Further research into price and compliance demonstrates that Maximum Vitality provides the best value in the top 1% category. The companion Rejuvenation Science Skeletal Calcium formula provides the minerals needed by both men and women.

Anti-Aging Series

Aging is actually a monumental, progressive deficiency disease. Its cumulative affect begins to appear in adulthood, picks up in middle age and takes a giant leap after age fifty. You can prevent and correct aging to an amazing extent by balancing your diet with Omega-3 oils and taking antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other supplements.

If you work in an office with sealed windows, work downtown, drive the expressways, eat processed foods, experience stress, or participate in any of the other 21st century conveniences, a superior antioxidant supplement is also recommended. Rejuvenation Science® Advanced Antioxidant is a formulation of science-backed antioxidants which minimize free radical damage associated with modern lifestyles and conveniences.

Research has shown that a healthy, balanced diet contains Omega-3 oils. If you don’t eat fish twice a week or more, Rejuvenation Science Omega-3 Wild Fish Oil provides the EPA and DHA Omega-3 oils that studies have shown to support normal blood pressure, cardiovascular health and normal inflammatory responses. Omega-3 oils balance the excess Omega-6 oils which cause inflammation and disease. Excess Omega-6 oils are found in vegetable oils, margarine, salad dressing, and prepared foods. Neptune Krill Oil is like supercharged omega-3's, often providing up to 8 times the clinical benefit of fish oil with 1/3 to 1/2 the dose.

Rejuvination Science® is proud to present our High Energy Chai Green Tea – all natural and good for you. Research has shown that polyphenols in green tea benefit diet, brain and heart health.* The National Cancer Institute reports that special antioxidants in green tea “may selectively inhibit the growth of cancer.”

Metabolic Energy

Cellular metabolic energy drives every action within the human body.

An inevitable consequence (if not a precursor) of aging is a slow, insidious decline in cellular energy levels. The outward effects often present as a sense of overall fatigue, depression, sexual dysfunction and a variety of diseases of aging. The internal effect of a cellular energy deficit is a greater vulnerability to a host of degenerative diseases.

The prime reason cells lose their energy-producing ability is that the powerhouses of the cells - the mitochondria - become dysfunctional due to nutritional deficiencies. Research has shown that carnitine, ribose, coenzyme Q10, acetyl l-carnitine and alpha-lipoic acid are critical to maintaining optimal mitochondrial function and supporting high energy production. Read more about our Metabolic Optimizer protocol, including Stephen Sinatra, M.D.'s recommendations for cardiovascular health.

Weight Management

Weight management is now a pervasive health issue in the U.S. and throughout the world. Modern diet and lifestyle are major contributors to the growing epidemic, which can lead to serious consequences such as diabetes.

Research conducted at the Methodist DeBakey Heart Center in Houston identified a molecular link between obesity and inflammation.

The Rejuvenation Science® Weight-Loss Program consists of synergistic supplements to help manage your appetite, maintain energy, and help manage your weight. Successful weight management requires exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Joint Support

Research and clinical experience indicate that there are very effective natural solutions for joint pain and inflammation. We have obtained licenses to supply the most researched and tested formulation of a natural fatty acid – Cetyl Myristoleate. CMO – in Rejuvenation Science CM Joint Optimizer acts as a joint lubricant and anti-inflammatory. Together with our companion Advanced Cartilage Support formula, patients in double-blind multi-center testing demonstrated outcome measures ranging from 77% to 88% improvement. The joint support protocol is for anyone with minor joint pain – it even resolved my chronic pain in the neck!

Our unique high-potency Advanced Joint Support Hyaluronic Acid formula – naturally acts to cushion joints. The largest amounts of hyaluronic acid are found in the intercellular matrix of skin and musculoskeletal tissues. Hyaluronic acid naturally acts to refresh skin cells and synovial fluid in the joints, allowing them to carry more moisture and nutrients. This results in reduced skin wrinkles and increased cushioning in the joints. In the past, physicians injected hyaluronic acid into painful joints with excellent results. Studies have recently demonstrated the efficacy of the softgel form designed for intestinal absorption for easy oral administration.


Inflammation and glycation have been implicated in aging of the eye, which may affect the lens, the retina, and specifically the macula. Various nutrients have been shown to be effective in reducing inflammation and glycation, maintaining a clear lens, and supporting the macula. Visual Optimizer, containing Lutein and zeaxanthin may be used in conjunction with the vision supporting antioxidants in Maximum Vitality® to preserve healthy vision.

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